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What does EDC stand for?

EDC stands for Every Day Carry. Typically these are items that you would want to have easily available to you throughout your day in-case of emergencies or for general daily use. 

Many American Preppers would consider a firearm as essential EDC, in the UK we'd probably rather carry a teabag or BIC lighter!

Seriously though, everyday carry is unique to everyone and there are no set items that you should carry, it all depends on your individual needs and the potential situations you may find yourself in, day to day.

The team here at Birch & Ember and AlphaPrepping generally tend to always carry a means to start a fire, basic rations, some form of lightweight shelter and the ability to navigate home. Oh, and a spare pair of socks!

Some might say that really, EDC should be just the stuff you can carry on your person, and anything else should be contained in your Bug Out Bag or Get Home Bag.

Most purist Bushcrafters would say that you shouldn't have to carry anything, and have the skills to be able to survive from the environment around you.

While we would agree that you should practice the skills necessary to start a fire from the friction of rubbing timber together, having a BIC lighter on you is not a bad idea either!

Examples of EDC on Birch & Ember